The first dusty footprints left by MEN ON THE MOON were also indelible footprints left on the hearts and imaginations of the human race. No other adventure was shared by more people. No other quest has meant more to our species as a standard by which we measure our incredible potential. This web site is dedicated to collecting memories of one of the most famous days in the history of our planet from the various points of view of people who lived it, right here on Earth. It is One Day in the Life of Earth--late 20th century--preserved in the reflection of an extraordinary achievement. Read here the human stories of the impact of a world changing event as told by living witnesses to history, before they are lost to time.

Click here to add your story to the archive. If you have a good one about where you were and what you were doing the day of the first Moon landing, we will publish it here and preserve it forever! TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER? Just interview an older friend or relative and write their story.

THE STORY COLLECTION is divided into 8 chapters. Choose one from the titles on the left or from the descriptions below.
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Pivot Point presents stories of people whose lives were turned in a different direction.
is a collection of letters from Vietnam veterans and their families.
contains tales from people who helped in different ways with the mission.
That's One Small Step for Luanne... are stories about children.
Public Place, Public "Space"
is about sharing the moment with lots of strangers at theaters, ballparks, airports, restaurants, etc.
The International "Seen"
includes stories from people who were abroad.
That's Not Funny, Is It?
are tales from people who found themselves in odd situations.
The Philosophical Context Reflections on the 'larger' implications of the mission.

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